Improve Your Craft and Get Published

Since the 1920s, Writer’s Digest has been providing quality resources to writers like you. Today, Writer’s Digest continues to supply top-notch advice to help you refine your writing skills, but we don’t stop there. Through Abbott Press, a division of Writer’s Digest, we offer serious writers an effective way to publish and distribute high-quality books.

Abbott Press, a Division of Writer’s Digest

In keeping with the Writer’s Digest tradition of helping writers be the best they can be, Abbott Press offers writers the opportunity to pursue their publishing goals by providing professional publishing, editing and marketing services as well as a wealth of industry knowledge and support.

Stand Out with the Writer’s Digest Mark of Quality

When you publish with Abbott Press, you give your book the opportunity to be read and endorsed by a professional Writer’s Digest editor … Read More

5 Steps to Publishing with Abbott Press

We’ve broken the publishing process into five easy-to-understand steps to help give you an idea of what your path to becoming a published author might look like … Read More

How to Build Your Author Platform

What’s all the buzz about “platform”? We’ll break down what it means, why it’s important and how you can start building yours today … Read More

Abbott Press Catalogs

You might just discover your next favorite book within the pages of an Abbott Press catalog. Browse through our archives to see novels, memoirs, children’s stories and more … Browse Titles

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